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The project "Unihits für Kids", which was awarded the PUSH Prize by the Stifterverband für Deutsche Wissenschaft, can be completed as part of the core studies in the module Faszination Technik, Pillar D – Internships/Advanced Seminar - Internship with Technology Focus - one week.

In Pillar D students can pass on the technical understanding they developed themselves in the other elements to school students. The one week internship is part of the three-week extracurricular internship in the area Child and Adolescent Work, which all teacher training students at RWTH Aachen complete during the practical period. In order to complete the extracurricular internship they must complete a two-week non-technical internship in addition to the one-week internship.


Project Information

Within the framework of the project Unihits für Kids, school classes from grades five to nine visit a technology-oriented university institute for a morning. During these experience days, the engineering and natural sciences come alive in a playful manner and are made accessible to kids.


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Project Goals

The core goal of the project is facilitating a fascination for technology and the natural sciences. During visits to university institutions, interest in technical and natural scientific questions should be strenghtened through one's own experience and experimentation. An experience-oriented and interactive access to different technical topics should awaken school students' enthusiasm for breaking down reserverations about technology and the natural sciences and offer a glance at the fields of responsibility in engineering and the natural sciences.



The goals of the project care implemented in different phases and generally encompass
1. content-related preparation for the visit to a university institution on the part of the school,
2. an age-appropriate and experience-oriented tour of the institute and
3. independent implementation of topic-related experiments.


Visit Procedure

While touring the institute there is a theoretical and a practical phase. During the theoretical phase, children are led through the institutes and the testing halls. Machines are shown and explained to them. The institute employees often also conduct trials that illustrate their explanations. The practical portion of the visit afterwards is oriented towards the involvement of the school students. Using simple experiments, they can practically and independently implemented what they have just seen and learned under supervision and direction. During both the theoretical and practical portions of the morning, the classes are accompanied by interns from Unihits für Kids.


Requirements for Acquiring an Internship Certificate

1. Attending a tour of a university institute
2. Independently conducting three institute tours
3. Developing preparatory materials for an institute as agreed upon


Registration and Contact

Placement can currently be allocated for internships starting September 2014. Christiane Rust serves as the contact person for this internship at the Institute of Educational Science.

Christiane Rust, M.A.
RWTH Aachen
Institute of Educational Science
Chair of General Didactics
with a focus on Technology and Media Education
Eilfschornsteinstraße 7
D- 52056 Aachen
Tel.: + 49 0 241 80 93598