Digital Extracurricular Learning and Educational Practices of Adolescents (DAB-J)

Project leader: Prof. Dr. Sven Kommer
Project coordination: Dr. Ilona Cwielong
in cooperation with the Department of Foreign Language Didactics, headed by Prof. Dr. Frauke Intemann
Staff: Tim Bodendorf, Jana Metz, Yasmin Willner (SHK) and Lea Raczkowski (SHK)

The joint project "Digital Extracurricular Learning and Educational Practices of Adolescents" examines interdisciplinary and triangulatory digital non-school learning and educational practices of young people in four subprojects related to school-curricular subjects and personal career orientation as well as the acquisition of interest-based knowledge and skills/ learning projects at leisure.

The compilation of the project network with members from general didactics, media education, communication and media studies and subject didactics allows a comprehensive look at explanatory videos and tutorials, as they are especially found on YouTube and are used by young people on a large scale and almost every day. In addition, content and learning-specific media and communication repertoires are examined in order to describe and analyze the diversity of individual and collective practices of young people in extracurricular learning.

The joint use of the results of various work packages and the interdisciplinary work with the research methods typical for each subject enables a real multi-perspective and methodically triangulated exemplary investigation of the change in the learning and reception behavior of young people at the interfaces of formal and non-formal education. The empirical investigations (in this field for the first time) lay the foundations for a data-supported analysis of the changed framework conditions for the education system and thus enable an evidence-based description of the need for change in this system. For this purpose, guidelines and recommendations are drawn up, which feed on the results of the study and take into account the needs of the various interest groups (both on the side of the young people as well as on the part of the participating disciplines).


"I learned that from YouTube. How Young Users Geek Out with User-Generated Video Tutorials", Abstract submitted to ECREA’s 8th European Communication Conference, 2 to 5 October 2020, Braga, Portugal