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About the project

Since June 2005, the teaching and research field General Didactics with the focus Technology and Media Education at the RWTH Aachen University, offers the project Unihits für Kids, which has been awarded the PUSH Prize of the Stifterverband für Deutsche Wissenschaft.

In this context, school classes or groups of grades six and seven can attend a technically or scientifically oriented university institute of the RWTH for a morning. You can get an impression of such an institute visit in a contribution by the family magazine KingKalli.

We organize and supervise the university visit of your group, which offers your students an interdisciplinary combination of theory and practice. The materials used are processed in cooperation with the respective institutes in a technical and didactic way.

Project goal

The aim of the project is to increase the interest of students in STEM subjects as well as in technical and scientific professions. This should be made possible by making their own experiences and experimentation during an institute visit. The experience-oriented and interactive approach to various technical and scientific topics should also reduce reservations about STEM subjects among students.

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If you would like to attend an institute visit with your class or group of students, please fill out our inquiry form with the necessary information. After we have received your request, we will coordinate with the respective institutes and organize the institute visit. As soon as we have received the confirmation of an institute for an appointment, we will inform you and clarify all further questions with you.

Course of the institute visit

Institute visits usually start at nine o'clock at a selected institute. The visit lasts about three to four hours. The institute visit consists of a theoretical and a practical part, during which the group is accompanied pedagogically by a member of staff from Unihits for Kids.

In the theoretical phase, the pupils are guided through the institutes and experimental halls. There, they are shown and explained teaching content, experiments and machines in an age-appropriate way. Or the institute is presented in an appealing presentation.

The practical part of the visit is aimed at activating the pupils. In this part, didactically prepared materials are used, which can also be dealt with independently, in order to apply the theoretical contents and to show their benefits by way of example.

Cooperating institutes

Fachgruppe Physik

Institut für Textiltechnik und Lehrstuhl für Textilmaschinenbau

Lehrstuhl für Stahl- und Leichtmetallbau

Institut für Luft- und Raumfahrtsysteme

Schülerlabor „InfoSphere“ Informatik

Institut für Arbeitswissenschaft

Fachgruppe Materialwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnik

Fachgruppe Chemie

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