The Teaching and Research Area Diversity at the Institute of Educational Science focuses on a praxeological perspective of the heterogeneity in education and socialization. The heterogeneous life environments of children, youths, and young adults, and their perspectives will be examined through qualitative research. The discussion of diversity in educational sciences can thus be supplemented with empirical data to provide a reflexive approach to the phenomena of heterogeneity.



Next, the teaching focuses on transferring theories of knowledge and basic theoretical questions about heterogeneity through case-based analysis. This shall be done by collation and observation of qualitative data by students, and especially through reflection upon the survey process. Practical arguments about heterogeneity phenomenon are thus anchored in data and research.



Empirical research priorities are the common features and differences of school related settings and habitual orientation, and related practices of performance perception and the delivery of services, which may lead to different experiences and recognition problems in an educational context. Further, phenomena of heterogeneity will be analysis as practical categories for distinction and communitarian grouping both in educational and non-educational socialization fields.