The Teaching and Research Area Educational Sciences with a focus on School Pedagogy and Educational Research was established in 2004 as a new field within the Educational Sciences at RWTH Aachen. Prof. Dr. Marold Wosnitza has been chairman since August 2009. The chair currently has thirteen academic and non-academic staff members.


Since 2010 we are training

•    specalists for market and social research
•    agents for office management


The focus of teaching is on the processes and conditions of learning and empirical education research. All employees' teaching is anchored in these areas. The Staatsexamen, Bachelor, and Master's theses are situated in these fields and in the research fields listed below.


The research group focuses in the following areas
•    Motivation and Emotion
•    Collaborative Learning and Working
•    Teacher Motivation and Resilience
•    Responsibility
•    SelfAssessment
The interaction of these focuses is reflected in the empirically oriented research projects.

Current Research Projects

•    SelfAssessment of RWTH Aachen, TU9 and Nordverbund
•    Keeping Cool Europe – ENhancing Teacher Resilience in Europe (ENTRÉE)
•    Evaluation of the Studifinders and Studichecks NRW
•    Responsibility in the Context of Schools
•    Motivation and Emotion in Collaborative Learning and Working
•    Motivation Structures of University Instructors


The teaching and research area has a strong national and international network. There are research collaborations with

•   the Hochschule der Bundesanstalt für Arbeit (Mannheim/Schwerin),
•   Murdoch University in Australia, Curtin University in Australia,
•   the University of Zürich in Switzerland,
•   and the University of Michigan in the USA.