An important forum for the researchers at the Institute of Educational Science was created with the research colloquium. Here they have the possibility to present the design of the research projects to their colleagues. Different approaches are discussed against the backdrop of current discourse. In this way, critical reflection can take place and ideas can be exchanged. The service is particularly oriented towards doctoral candidates, who should be supported with designing their doctoral project.

Within the framework of the research colloquium initial ideas are presented, for which a concrete research design was not yet available. In collaborations with other members of the institute, consideration can be given for which methods a research question can be investigated with and which theoretical approaches should be used. Projects can also be presented, for which a research approach has already been designed, in the event that specific questions can be clarified about surveying or evaluating the data acquired.

Furthermore, the research colloquium is also a suitable forum for those doctoral candidates who will soon be done with their studies. They can present the entire project and the developed results, in order to prepare for the final evaluation and defense.

In the research colloquium, constructive conversational partners gather to support our institute's doctoral candidates. Typically important feedback can be given which substantially pushes the work forwards. An additional advantage is that through mutual exchange, one gets a better look at current topics and projects in the different teaching areas. Insofar, the research colloquium also serves to establish identity concerning the institute's research activities.