Topics for qualification papers and theses


Qualification and final dissertations can be realized in all teaching areas of the Institute of Educational Science. The list of possible topics available at this point should primarily serve as a guide and clarify the focus of the individual teaching areas. After consultation with the supervisors, however, you can also develop your own topics and questions.


Topics in the field of school education and empirical educational research

Theoretical works

Theme T1: Learning games in the university
This is a theoretical work. The aim is to take stock of the state of research on learning games in higher education.

Theme T2: Interactive Whiteboards (IWB)
As part of this work, the state of research on interactive whiteboards will be worked on. This results in various topics

T2a) IWB and learning

T2b) IWB and motivation

T2c) IWB and interaction

T2d) IWB and teachings

Empirical works

Theme Em1: Responsibility for the learning and performance process of students
Various studies are planned within the scope of this topic. The questionnaires that are to be used here are available.

Students who want to write a thesis within the scope of this topic must take care of the data collection themselves. During the evaluation, necessary assistance will be provided by the institute.

Em1a) Teacher Survey: Teacher Responsibility

Em1b) Teacher Survey: Parent-Student Responsibility

Em1c) Student survey: parent responsibility

Em1d) Parents Survey: Parent responsibility and student responsibility

Theme Em2: group work

The resulting works are created in close coordination with the institute. For some, questionnaire tools or concepts already exist. During the evaluation, necessary assistance will be provided by the institute.

In this context, the following empirical papers are offered:

Em2a) Emotions during group work in school - how do students perceive group work?

Em2b) Challenges in implementing group work in school

Em2c) Trajectories of emotions during GA course - observation of small groups and their interaction patterns plus interviews

Em2d) Emotions during group work against the background of various tasks and group dynamics

Em2e) In the context of school - culturally heterogeneous vs. homogeneous group work


Theme En1: Interactive whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards are moving more and more into the classrooms of German schools. Within the scope of this subject area, materials for teaching are to be developed for different subjects and settings. The possibilities of interactive whiteboards should be fully exploited. In addition, the development is to undergo a trial. Exercise board and software can be provided.

En1a ... .z) Materials for different subjects


Subjects in the field of educational science with a focus on vocational education

At Chair of Educational Science with a focus on Vocational Education, dissertations on various topics can be realized. A list of possible topics will soon be published here.


Subjects in the field of general didactics with a focus on technology and media education

The supervisors of the teaching and research field of general didactics with a focus on technology and media education support students in the preparation of theses that focus on (media) didactic or media-educational issues. The following list of different topics serves as an orientation for interested students:

  • Use of digital media in school teaching and learning scenarios
  • E-books as a learning and design tool
  • Video-based lesson analysis
  • Cyber-bullying in schools
  • Social networks
  • Media education, media socialization and media education