Seats in a lecture hall

What lectures do you have next semester? Where does your exercise take place? Here is an overview of all classes in the CAMPUS System.

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Wooden bench in the SuperC building

The deadline for re-enrollment is getting closer and you can't find the money transfer form for the semester fee? No problem, here you can read what to do and how long you have to take care of everything.

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Academic Calendar

Clock in the SuperC building

Deadlines, dates, university wide events, and lecture free days for the current academic calendar can be found in an overview here. Photo: Martin Braun

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Student Councils

The word "Studium" (German for 'Studies') is written on a blackboard

Student representative councils are an important point of contact at the beginning of your studies, if you want to meet new people and orient yourself.

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Student Advice Centre

Student and councelor in a conversation

Open office hours, advising via telephone, and information events. The Student Advice Centre is there for you with a broad range of services.

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Education Fund


Students are already receiving funding from the Education Fund.

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Teaser: Practical Hints & Tips
A Staff member gives a students his BlueCard

RWTH BlueCard

One thing for everything, the RWTH BlueCard is simultaenously a student ID, payment card, library card, and entrace card to University Sports and elections. Here you can read everything you need to know about the BlueCard. Photo: Martin Braun


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Registrar's Office

The staff in the Registar's Office can answer questions on formalities like changing degree program, taking a leave of absence, disenrolling, and numerous outher topics.  Here are their office hours and contact addresses.

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Students eat in the dining hall

Dining Hall Menus

Here you can find out what is on the Aachen Student Services dining hall menu for today. Additionally, you can quickly look to see what dining hall is closest to your lecture hall. Photo: Studentenwerk Aachen

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Online Services

W-LAN, eduroam, user administration TIM, software portal for students, RWTHonline, eLEarning witht L2P - important network services at a glance.

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View of the Mogam Building

Study Rooms

Do you have some time before your next lecture, but it isn't worth it to go home to study? Use one of the numerous study room at the university.  Here is an overview of rooms intended just for this purpose. Photo: Peter Winandy

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Books on a shelf


Supplementary reading material?  You can find that in the RWTH Aachen libraries.  An incredible number of scientific books, journals, and electronic media are waiting here to be read and used.

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Entrance Hall of the RWTH Main Building


T-Shirts, ballpens, mugs - the shop offers an outstanding selection of RWTH apparel and merchandise. And if you are looking for a seminar room or lecture hall, our staff at the Information Center and Shop will be glad to help.

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Scholarships & Funding

Students in a conversation

Here you can find out about the funding possibilities at RWTH Aachen, different student endowments, and large scholarships for outstanding students. Photo: Thilo Vogel

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Students in a lecture hall

Student life is a whole new chapter of life to get used to, where you will learn to think in a different way. Studying can feel like an adventure. Many things seem tough, confusing, and foreign. It is therefore crucial you know the various offers available at RWTH to help you master your studies. You will find tips and tricks for a smooth transition to university on the following pages. Photo: Mario Irrmischer

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Assessments & Theses

Do you want to register for an exam? You have an exam today and are sick? Information and advising on these and other topics during the assessment period can be found here.


Excellent Teaching

Instructor explaining a math problem

Students' needs are at the focus of the "Excellent Teaching and Learning" strategy, for which RWTH Aachen was recognized in 2009. Photo: Andreas Hub

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24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year - University Police is always available.